You were.
You are.
But, you won’t be anymore.
Because, fuck you!


Blink and I miss,
Unreal is us.
Care to explain,
Why don’t we last?

See, it’s not about boundaries
The stone wasn’t made for us.
Your very non-existence
Is unbecoming of us.

This moment and this life
Doesn’t have to believe in us
As long you stay
And don’t turn into vapour

I remember,
Us together,
Like there’s nothing else,
To remember.


Two mountains
Jumping and threatening
The valley in between

Two mounds of dirt
Soft and polished
The crevice in between

Two places
With a life of their own
The distance in between

Two hearts,
Beating and pumping
On the borderline

All said and done

It’s not alright
Not a second of it
When you are around
Nowhere to be seen

All said and done
Laid back forgotten
Here we are
Together in silence.

The mornings aren’t the same
Without a reference, without a face
These days keep coming
And they are all worth forgetting

There’s one thing though
That can make it all go
Will you be mine?
All said and done.


The sounds announced
Happy and loud
They are here
Here to stay.

And so it stayed
As the moments passed
And then they left
Taking it away

It’s in the air
If you can hear
It’s everywhere.

There’s no command
That can make it stay
How can you stop
A marching parade.