I see the spot
And then there’s one more
Two on the line
Daring you to shoot.

But wait!

There’s a movement
They want to play
Tease they do
Waiting for you.

Oh god, that’s enough
Can’t I just aim for two
They stop and then jump
That’s all they wanted too.


Around this time
Instances stop
As the matter reflects
More to come.

Good to be a thought
Feeding on past
It’s just chemistry
Signing the cheque.

For as it reacts
Mix and match
Shapes change
Equations don’t.

Can you stop
The raising body
When you are forever tethered
To a lifeless vessel.


Let it be damned
It’s here with me
Wherever you are
Seek me

For, in return
I will return

The depths of misery
Will forever be haunted
In the image of me
Seeking you.


Of all the things
It’s us.
Dance of time
Seeking the dome of ash
We take our steps.
A forest, on fire
Ways beware
For, it’s us
That should care.


Sea of gold
Lies untouched
Hidden between
Your thighs

The worker hesitates
His tools shiver
For what lies beneath
Is as close as it gets

Creatures crawl
Mind’s the dirt
Rusted and arrested
The treasure awaits

Patience pays
Tools trace
In this union
There’s nothing divine.